Things To Do In Knysna

Are you looking for fun things to do in Knysna? Look no further. The coastal town is one of the most beautiful in South Africa, with its lush vegetation, scenic landscape. Knysna is at the heart of the famous garden route in South Africa, at 55km east of George and 33km west of the equally popular seaside town of Plettenberg Bay.

List Of Things To Do In Knysna

There are plenty of fun activities that you can engage in while in Knysna. Whether you want to be active and partake in adrenaline sports, or just kick back and take in the splendid scenery aboard a luxury cruise, there is something to cure every inclination in Knysna. We have listed some of our favourites.

Bungee Jumping at Bloukrans

Bloukrans Bridge is a far bit of distance away from Knysna, at 60km away, but we would be doing you a disservice by not recommending it. The world-famous bungee jumping site is the highest commercial natural bungee jump in the world. This means that it offers a double so of value as you get to bungee jump amid the beautiful South African wilderness. Many of bungee jumping records were set at Bloukrans bridge. If you are looking for a shot of adrenaline, or to challenge yourself by facing fears, there is arguably no better place to so than at Bloukrans.

Bloukrans Bungee Jumping

The experience is more than just a jump. After jumping, you will be given a winch ride to the top and get to walk the suspended walkway at the back of the bridge, with spectacular views of the Bloukrans river from 216 meters above. A significant amount of the proceeds is paid over to the local community so you can also feel good about helping the community while getting your thrills. The bunjee tour is operated by Face Adrenaline. They operate daily from 9 am to 5pm and you can book a jump at the official website. The minimum age for jumps is 14 years, and for a bridge walking tour, the minimum age is 6 years.

Knysna Forest

Knysna is known for its natural beauty and my firm favourite of the way to experience this beauty is through a forest hike. In South Africa, Knysna’s forest is the most beautiful and also one of the most accessible. Along the garden route there are stops along the road that lead into the forest. You will see a majestic mix of ancient trees, ferns, creepers and flowers like there is nowhere else in South Africa. The forest is also rich with bird life and a diverse variety of mammals. There are demarcated paths along which you can walk and it is best to hike through the forest during the daylight hours to take in all of the beauty and to be able to navigate your way safely.

Knysna Forest

The best way to go through is with a guided tour that can show you the different pockets of forest and also feed you tidbits of information about this beautiful piece of nature and its significance in South Africa’s biodiversity. There are several forest tour operators available in the area. You can do the tour on foot if you are up for hiking. One of the companies that offers hiking tours is Tony Cook Adventures

If you don’t want to break too much of a sweet, forest tours can be done on wheels like scooters and four wheelers with one of the tour operator companies like Scootours.


Monkeyland titles itself as the world’s first free-roaming, multi-species primate sanctuary. It is a sanctuary where different species of monkeys are free to roam around a very large jungle enclosure. The place is situated in Plettenberg which is close enough to drive and worth the trip. You will be able to get close to the diverse array of primates and watch them playing around and zipping through the trees. It is a fantastic experience that is ideal for both adults and children. Every walk you take at Monkeyland is different because the primates are infamous due to their (for lack of a more suitable term) monkey tricks.


Be careful with carrying any treats or even water bottles because the monkeys can swing by and steal whatever you have if the opportunity comes up. There are knowledgeable guides who will furnish you with interesting information about how the monkeys are kept safe and more. When you want to take a break, there is a coffee shop with tasty food so you can have a lunch stop while you are there and even do a little shopping at the curio shop. The sanctuary is open from 8:00 to 17:00 throughout the week. Same day bookings are possible, you just have to give them a call beforehand.

Wild Oats Farmers Market

The Wild Oats Farmers Market is a farmer’s market in the absolute sense of the word. It specializes exclusively in produce and homemade food products. Located 20 minutes away from Knysna city centre, in the town of Sedgefield, it is the first farmer’s market of its kind on the Garden Route, having been around since 1999. It captures the originally atmosphere of farmer’s markets of old, where farmers gathered to sell their gods to townsfolk. If you have a liking for country atmosphere and old world charm, then this is a must-visit for you. Every Saturday morning, come rain or shine, the market is filled with freshly produced and prepared foods that you can enjoy at the market or that you can take home.

Wild Oats Farmers Market

You can buy a wide variety of foods Including free-range meats, chicken, lamb, dairy and cheese. The market also specializes in fruits and vegetables that are fresh from the field, freshly baked and bottled goods. There is also a wide selection of fresh-off-the-coals breakfasts. The goods sold at the market also prioritize locally sourced produce which keeps prices as especially affordable since the goods do not have to be transported across the country to reach the hands of the customers.

Many of the products are sold by producers exclusively on Wild Oats which means you can only get them there, making the market that much more unique in its appeal. The market is frequented by both tourists and local residents, and is a popular way to pass a Saturday morning. Wild Oats Farmer’s Market is open every Saturday from 8:00 until 12:00.

Visit The Waterfront

A trip to Knysna would not be complete without visiting this location. The waterfront has a ton of sights and things to keep you busy. The marina is usually filled with luxury yachts and is the departure point for cruises to the lagoon. Springtide Charters, operates a yacht from the marina. You can relax and enjoy a cruise in style with gourmet catering. The cruise is great for a family outing, and accommodates young and old alike. Shoppers will find a worthy haven on their visit here. There are shops to meet all tastes, from luxury boutiques, to clothing stores and curio shops.

Knysna Waterfront

The name of the game is variety. The Knysna waterfront caters for visitors of all kinds and is popular with both tourists and locals alike, whether you want to buy some bargain books or shop till you drop at the luxury clothing and jewelry stores. If you just want to kick back and take in the sights of the marina, you can sit at one of the many restaurants and cafes, and enjoy a delicious and watch the sun make its way across the water.

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