Top 6 Best Malls in Johannesburg

Want to go shopping in Johannesburg?

There is no shortage of malls in Johannesburg and we have taken the effort to list what we think are the best shopping malls in the South Africa’s largest city.

Booming with trendy and chic shopping malls, the busy bustling city of gold is a paradise for shoppers. The trick however is to find them.

With numerous choices, a visitor can be quickly overwhelmed and confused. Worry not dear visitor, we have compiled a quick guide on the 10 best malls in Johannesburg.

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There is a clear reason why Johannesburg is called the City of Gold. One of the biggest cities in South Africa and the capital of Gauteng. Johannesburg is famous as being the business hub of the country and for its shopping. We hope to shed some light on the best shopping malls in Johannesburg, what you can expect, where to shop, where to eat and why the malls of Johannesburg are so worth it.

List of Best Malls in Johannesbug

The Mall of Africa

The Mall of Africa is South Africa’s largest shopping mall ever built in a single phase with over 130,000 m² of retail space. The mall is home to over 300 shops, many of which are flagship stores. The Mall of Africa is located in Waterfall City, Johannesburg.

There are uniquely identified Courts created made for easy shopping navigation as well as exceptional access, location and visibility. Above and beyond the courts the mall is also a home to many local and international brands.

A unique must-see feature in the mall is the architectural appearance, which has been inspired by Africa’s geological features an iconic landscape. When walking through the mall and looking up at the ceiling you are mesmerised with the integrate design.

The mall is also home to a number of brilliant new stores, which have just touched down in South Africa. Some of these include Zara Home, Armani Exchange as well as Versace. There is of course also a large variety of fast food chain restaurants, international and local restaurants and excellent coffee and pastry shops.

East Gate

East gate is one of the largest shopping malls in South Africa located in Johannesburg near the OR Tambo International Airport. The mall covers about 11873 2 m² landscape and is home to over 300 stores.

This is a convenient mall which will have everything you may need including cinemas, food, restaurants, banks, department and fashion brand stores as well as high end/luxury stores. This shopping centre is not too big and is super clean and well kept.

Sandton City

Sandton City Shopping Mall is the biggest shopping mall in Johannesburg, covering up to 141 390 m². Over 300 stores, which include international chain market leaders such as Louis Vuitton and Apple.

If you are looking to have some luxury shopping done from some of the most well recognised international brands in the world then Sandton City is the place to go where you will find designer products, bags, shoes and more.

There are also some of the top hotels in Johannesburg located very near the mall as well as a variety of things to do within walking distance of the mall. A beautiful infrastructure, a great location situated in the business hub of the city.

If you are looking for the perfect gift idea for a friend or loved one… why not consider a gift card to Sandton Mall. We know how difficult it can be to find the perfect gift and if you do decide to go in search of finding the perfect gift… how over whelming it can be… especially when surrounded by so many incredible options. By choosing to purchase a gift card the receiver is able to use it at any shop/ restaurant in the Mall and they can truly buy themselves whatever their heart desires.

Fourways Mall

The Fourways Mall is located in Johannesburg and occupies approximately 178 000 m² land space, which makes it the biggest mall in South Africa. With over 500 stores you can be sure to find something for everyone here. With more than enough variety and choices whether you are choosing where to eat, what to watch at the cinema, where to bank, where to shop and what youwant to shop!

The Fourways Mall offers a number of attractions especially great for keeping the kids of all ages busy over a weekend or during the holidays. There is a great putt-putt course on the lower level of the mall as well as a Bounce Inc. also located on the lower level and last, but not least there is a Fun Company perfect for some classic and high-tech arcade games.


A shopping and leisure icon in the city of Johannesburg, this mall is one of the biggest in South Africa covering about 104 173 m² and boasts over 260 shops with a variety of quality choices creating options for all.

Many shoppers have been coming to this mall in Johannesburg for years and it has become their second home. The aspirational retail offering features a hub of fashion, food, decor, tech and services.

Cresta has recently introduced a first of its kind in Retail Aquarium. The award winning Crest Aquarium serves as a reminder of the impact our actions have on the greater environment. The Aquarium is a marine exploration that is home to approximately 30 species of fish. The Crest Aquarium is a symbol of natural beauty, which the mall is trying to conserve.

Rosebank Mall

This mall is situated in one of the trendiest business hubs in South Africa, it is easily accessible from all major cities in Gauteng and offers everything from shopping to entertainment for local and international visitors.

This mall has only got about 150 shops and despite what you may think after learning how big the previously mentioned malls in Johannesburg are… This can be an advantage. The stores are a lot more streamlined, the mall is easy to navigate as it is not as big and the mall is never quite as busy. The mall most definitely has a more local feel… although you will be able to find many brands and restaurants in this mall, it is not quite as luxurious and big compared to some of the other malls o f Johannesburg. None the less, it is perfect for all your daily needs, it is clean and the service all over is great.

The Rosebank mall is easily accessible from one of the Gautrain stops, a great option if you do not want to drive and park your car… or if you are not able to. This mall is four stories high and has great food, shopping, cinemas and all other necessities such as banks and chemists.

There are two markets at the Rosebank mall, which are great for if you are looking for a little bit of a more local experience. Local food, local art, local clothes… you name it. The market is open daily and its located next to Europa. Then there is a Rosebank Sunday Market which is only open on Sundays… As its name suggests. This market is open every Sunday between the hours of 9AM and 4PM and is located on the rooftop of the shopping mall.

A little bit about about Johannesburg and South Africa

South Africa is a country, which has got three capitals. It can be easy to think that all three capitals must be equal and be the hub of the country in terms of the business and the hustle and bustle.

This can be true to an extent, but each of the three capitals in South Africa are so unique, serve a different purpose and are loved and appreciated in its own way for what it has to offer. Cape Town and Bloemfontein are beautiful cities, they are most definitely not the business hub of the country and does not have the corporate, “New York” energy, which Johannesburg has. If you are wanting to buy luxury items then Cape Town and Bloemfontein are not the best places to shop for these items in South Africa. There are stores in Cape Town such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Burberry in the Waterfront Shopping Mall, but the scale cannot be compared to Johannesburg.

A day at the mall can be a great adventure. There is always something to do for the whole family, a great deal of entertainment and at the end of the day you can buy everything you need. It is important to note that the experience can be so different depending on when you go. Early in the mornings during the week is a great time to go buy your weekly/monthly groceries for the house, go to the bank and take care of further admin related activities. This is because the mall is always empty and quiet and you will have room to breath, think and get everything you need.

Later in the afternoons can be more busy as everyone stops by after work or school to get a few things they need or to grab a bite and watch a movie. The weekends are always the craziest time as most people don’t have to go to work and children do not have to go to school.

Shopping and going to malls in Johannesburg are part of the culture and it is something which people do for fun, as an activity to socialise and to relax. This is why the malls are always busy on the weekend and there does not always have to be a “reason” for the mall to be busy (such as the festive season when everybody is rushing to buy end of year gift, Christmas Presents and more).

If you are looking for more than just a quick shop to run in and buy the necessities then these malls listed in this article are perfect for you. We hope that you will thoroughly enjoy the list and find some useful tips. Whether you are looking for the perfect gift, the perfect meal, the perfect outfit or the perfect day trip out with your friends and family.

Many may argue that there is not much to do in this City as there is so much other natural beauty in South Africa… Including the mountains, the ocean and the vineyards… Which are all located near Cape Town in South Africa. We are here to tell you that this could not be further from the truth.

Shopping in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is a vibrant city with great shopping, food, and more! Here we will discuss a list of some of the very best Shopping Malls in Johannesburg and what makes them so great. These malls are all home to some of the biggest local and international brands and restaurants. With Johannesburg recognised as the financial capital of South Africa and is home to 74% of corporate headquarters it is no wonder that some of the biggest malls are all right in the centre of the city. The Malls of Johannesburg are often thought of as a huge building with a bunch of shops clustered together for your convenience. This is indeed not the whole story. The malls are all strategically placed for customers to easily be able to access the mall. They are also designed in a strategic way to make your shopping experience more enjoyable. There is a lot of parking specially provided for easy access.

Yes there are a lot of shops, but at the end of the day it can be a full experience and a whole day activity. There are some excellent restaurants and coffee shops for when you need a break from all the shopping, or quite simply if you want to enjoy the company of your friends and family in a vibrant environment.

There are also very often great movie theatres where you can enjoy all the latest movies of your choice. Perfect for date night, time with friends or to get the children out the house. You can also purchase drinks and snacks before the movie begins. Many malls in Johannesburg have got great activities such as putt-putt, wave houses, rock climbing, trampolines and more. There is often great supervision offered to allow for the parents to enjoy some time to themselves to shop and grab a bite, while the children are having fun.

Some of the biggest malls in South Africa are all located in the heart of the City of Gold and we have done all the work to bring you a curated list of the very best malls in Johannesburg (as well as the biggest malls) so that you don’t have to.

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