Things To Do In Mossel Bay

There is no shortage of things to do in Mossel Bay if you decide to visit this coastal town. Mossel Bay is a harbor town along the garden route, the town lies 400km east of Cape Town and 400km East of Port Elizabeth. Known popularly as the place where the first Europeans landed in 1488, the town is one of the popular coastal towns for vacationers from South Africa and abroad.

Beyond being a vacationer’s haven, there is a lot of history South African history and cultural heritage in this town. While you are visiting Mossel Bay, you will want to experience the pleasures that it offers. To help you, we have complied this of some of our favourite activities in Mossel Bay.

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Our List Of Things To Do In Mossel Bay

St. Blaize Trail

This is one is an absolute gem for hikers and anyone serious about hiking in South Africa should do this trail at least once. The St Blaize trail stretches 13.5km along the cliffs near the Cape St Blaize Lighthouse. You can start your trek at the cavern that is beneath the lighthouse and hike your way to the endpoint at the beach in Dana Bay. In the cave, you will find signboards with informational tidbits about the first people to live in the area. Be sure to take a jacket and proper hiking shoes with as the trail is exposed and can get a bit cold.

St. Blaize Trail

The trail has some of the best views of any trail in South Africa, with lots of fauna and flora for you to see along the way. If you want to take it easy you don’t have to do the complete 13.5km. You can do the 10km hike to the point above Pinnacle Point Golf Course. From there you can enjoy the dramatic sea views and maybe even spot some whales and dolphins. If you are son inclined, you can stop by the golf club and orders yourself a beer, and then order a taxi back to Mossel Bay. The trail is safe and on the walk you might pass other hikers or even passed a security guard on the route.

Elephant Sanctuary At Indalu Game Reserve

The game reserves is located just 30km from Mossel Bay’s city centre. Situated between undulating hills and valleys, the game reserve was created as a sanctuary to let the elephants roam free in their natural habitat. The hosts will show you around and get you acquainted with the location and her inhabitants. It might be an ostrich, rhino, or the antelope also roam the reserve. On you visit, you will receive a guided tour that will allow you to get up close and personal with the elephants.

Indalu Elephant Experience

You will learn about the gentle animals while walking with them and feeding them fruity treats. The staff at Indalu are very knowledgeable and you will learn a lot about the African Elephant and some of the dangers that they have been saved from with this sanctuary. It is quite a breathtaking experience to interact with these majestic animals. Outside of the elephants, you can take safari drive and enjoy the beautiful scenery. The game drive is an adventure on its own as you cover the whole area and spot all the animals you can on this reserve. For more information, you can visit the official website.

The Bartholomeu Dias Museum complex

The Bartholomew Dias Museum complex is a museum created to celebrate the heritage of Mossel Bay. If you want to know more about the history of this scenic town, then this is the place to do so. The most popular exhibit in the museum is the life-size replica of the ship that the Portuguese explorer who the museum is named after, who was the first European to anchor at the coastline of what would become present-day South Africa.

Bartolomeu Dias Museum Complex

The complex houses a maritime museum, shell museum, aquarium and granary (building for storing grain). On the ground of the museum you will also find some unexpected inhabitants like tortoises, ducks and cats. Visit the 500-year-old post office from which mail is till collected twice a day. The museum is close to everything and less than 5 minutes walk from Santos Beach, so be sure to stop by during your journey.

Shark Diving

The experience is available all year round and you don’t need any experience to go on a trip. Mossel Bay is considered to have one of, if not the most accessible great white sharks in the world. The large beats have always fascinated people and if you ever wanted to get close to them and experience the Great White Shark in its natural environment above or under the water, Mossel Bay is one of the best places to do that. You will get to meet the shark driving crew and enjoy a light breakfast while receiving a safety briefing to prepare you for your trip.

Shark Diving Mossel Bay

Thereafter, you will ride out to the anchoring point in the boat where you will have your close encounter with the great white sharks. Even if you don’t want to go underwater and would just like to get close and learn a bit more about them, you can still go out to sea and see the sharks with everyone else. After your trip you will ride back to the harbor with afternoon tea and coffee, and a DVD copy of the experience will be available for purchase.


Visit Santos Beach

Visiting Santos Beach is an obvious choice but must be mentioned nonetheless. When it comes to having fun at a beach, this is one of the best beaches in South Africa and deserves more credit. The place is visitor friendly, well protected and has well maintained amenities and outdoor showers. Parking is also available close by. The beach is peaceful and has restaurants and cafes in walking distance to keep you refreshed. The beach is great for both adults and children, with waters that are calm and make for a nice environment to swim.

Santos Beach Mossel Bay

There are permanent thatch roof lapas on the beach for if you want have a picnic or lie back in the shade. Santos Beach is perfect for bringing the family. Mossel Bay is considered one of the mild climate water beach localities so the water there is nice and warm for most of the summer months. The beach is close to other points of interest that you we have listed before, like the Bartholomew Dias Museum, or the shark diving points like Seal Island. There are also yachts anchored nearby that add to the scenery.

Diaz Express Train Ride

One of the most pleasing ways to explore the Mossel bay and surrounding towns is on The Diaz Epxress Train Ride. This is a fun railway ride that is suitable for the whole family. The train runs on a Transnet railway network between Mossel Bay and the town of George. On your train ride you will experience the lovely view of the Indian Ocean and  the stunning plant life of the Cape Fynbos. The train has two departure points, one in Mossel Bay, and the other in Hartenbos. The departure times for Hartenbos are 09:45, 11:15,12:45, 15:15, and 15:45.

There are 4 different excursions that take passengers through the locally popular locations of Santos Beach, Great Brak River, Glentana and Maalgate. Availability of each excursion varies according to Rail Safety Regulations. For further details on when rides are available, you can contact Dias Express through their official website

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